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When applying for electric service, we require a $5.00 membership fee and an appropriate security deposit. The membership fee establishes you as a member–owner of South Louisiana Electric Cooperative Association. Your co-op encourages new members to visit the co-op office to make application for service. Your visit gives you the chance to see first hand how an electric cooperative operates and serves cooperative members.

When moving - When requesting a disconnect, please give us the name as it appears on the bill card and your account number and/or social security number. As a member of SLECA, you are responsible for all kWh registered on your meter up to the date the cooperative is notified to disconnect and a final meter reading can be taken.


Own Property & Residence $25.00
Rent House $80.00
Own Trailer/Rent Land. $80.00
Rent Trailer/Rent Land $130.00
Apartment $130.00
Commercial Single Phase $80.00
Commercial 3 Phase $105.00
Camp/Boat Shed $80.00
Additional Meter Charges are same as above.  
Re-connect Fee During Working Hours $10.00
Re-connect Fee After Working Hours $20.00